This Code of Conduct sets out the ethical principles of MIP Electronics Oy’s (hereinafter MIP Electronics) day-to-day business. The ethical principles set forth in the Code of Conduct provide a general framework for guiding the proper operation and conduct of MIP Electronics. In addition, this manual represents the values of MIP Electronics. MIP Electronics requires that all employees of the Company, including managers, adhere to these ethical principles in their work and are personally responsible for compliance with the Code of Conduct. MIP Electronics requires all its partners (suppliers, subcontractors and business partners) to act responsibly in accordance with ethical principles. MIP Electronics is committed to operating in accordance with the principles of sustainable development and responsibility, and to understanding the long-term benefits for its own operations and stakeholders. MIP Electronics aims to ensure that all its stakeholders have confidence that the entire company is operating responsibly. As part of its responsible operations, MIP Electronics complies with applicable laws and regulations in all areas of its operations and respects international agreements.


2.1 No forced labor

MIP Electronics does not condone the use of forced labor in any form, wage slavery, forced labor, or the modern slave trade. MIP Electronics employees cannot be required to make deposits or hand over ID cards to their employer. MIP Electronics employees have the right to terminate their employment in accordance with applicable laws and collective agreements.

2.2 No child labor

MIP Electronics does not accept the use of child labor. This means, for example, that children under the age of 18 are not allowed to perform work tasks that are harmful to their health and may endanger their safety. Children under the age of 15 must not engage in work that would prevent or impede school attendance. MIP Electronics does not accept employment relationships that are contrary to the foregoing.

2.3 No discrimination

MIP Electronics does not accept discrimination in the workplace. All MIP Electronics employees are treated equally on the basis of race, religion, ethical origin, age, disability, gender, marital status, pregnancy, parenthood, sexual orientation, union membership, or political opinion. Employees are treated with respect and appreciation. MIP Electronics works to protect employees from discrimination in all its forms. These principles also apply to the employees and representatives of the partners.

2.4 No severe or inhuman treatment

Physical assault or discipline, intimidation, sexual or other harassment, mental assault or other intimidation are prohibited at MIP Electronics. MIP Electronics works to protect employees from bullying and harassment in all its forms, as well as other inhuman treatment.


3.1 Working conditions

The work done at MIP Electronics is always based on an employment relationship entered into in accordance with national laws and practices. All MIP Electronics employees have the right to a signed employment contract in a language they understand.

3.2 Remuneration

MIP Electronics pays its employees’ salaries and benefits that meet national statutory requirements and comply with industry regulations and agreements. MIP Electronics employees receive information on salary-related terms and conditions before starting employment. The terms of the salary are recorded in the employment contract.

3.3 Disciplinary practices

All disciplinary actions against employees are recorded. Disciplinary action may include, for example, verbal or written warnings. At MIP Electronics, pay cuts are not an approved disciplinary action. Reductions in pay are possible only if the applicable national law so permits or if the worker concerned expressly authorizes them.

3.4 Working hours

During working hours, MIP Electronics complies with national legislation and the applicable collective agreement. At MIP Electronics, overtime is voluntary. They are used to compensate for unexpected peak periods or other exceptional situations, always subject to appropriate safety measures to ensure the health and safety of workers. Employees will be compensated for overtime in accordance with applicable national law and the applicable collective agreement.

3.5 Occupational health and safety

MIP Electronics provides a work environment that is safe and maintains employee health. The work environment also takes into account well-known both industry-specific and specific risk factors. Clear rules and procedures have been established and are being followed to ensure occupational health and safety, public safety, fire prevention and emergency preparedness. MIP Electronics takes occupational safety seriously and continuously improves workplace conditions to prevent accidents and injuries.

3.6 Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining

MIP Electronics employees have the right to join a union. MIP Electronics respects the right of employees to freedom of association and collective bargaining.


4.1 Reducing the environmental impact

MIP Electronics' goal is to prevent the environmental impact of the company's operations and to reduce the resulting impact in accordance with national laws and regulations. MIP Electronics aims to reduce the company's greenhouse gas emissions and improve energy and material efficiency in line with circular economy thinking.

4.2 Product quality and safety

MIP Electronics aims to ensure that all products delivered to customers are safe. MIP Electronics is constantly working to ensure the quality of the company’s production processes and products. In the development of new products, MIP Electronics pays attention to the quality and safety of its products.


5.1 Compliance with laws and regulations

In all its operations, MIP Electronics complies with applicable laws and regulations and monitors changes in legislation. All employees must comply with the laws and regulations applicable to MIP Electronics' operations and employee duties.

5.2 Fair competition

MIP Electronics supports fair competition and does not condone unfair practices in order to compete or win deals. MIP Electronics complies with applicable competition laws. MIP Electronics employees may not engage in any illegal activities that restrict competition.

5.3 Anti-corruption activities and gifts

MIP Electronics does not condone corruption or bribery in any form. MIP Electronics employees may not accept, directly or indirectly, gifts, commissions or other benefits or expressions of hospitality that may influence business decisions that promote or ensure business. Employees may give or receive personal gifts or expressions of hospitality of nominal value if such giving or acceptance of gifts and expressions of hospitality is permitted by law and regulation. For example, accepting travel tickets or accommodation costs from a third party is not acceptable.

5.4 Conflicts of interest

Employees are required to be loyal to MIP Electronics' business. Employees shall use their best endeavors to avoid situations that could create a conflict between the interests of MIP Electronics and the employee or other stakeholders, employee family members or relatives, or companies controlled by them. Conflicts of interest can be very different and benefits vary from financial interests to other personal interests.

5.5 Prevention of fraud

Any fraudulent activity is prohibited at MIP Electronics. Measures contrary to this principle will be evaluated internally and, if necessary, reported to the authorities.

5.6 Stakeholder engagement

MIP Electronics treats its employees, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders fairly and cooperates with them. MIP Electronics respects its contractual obligations and business arrangements. MIP Electronics regularly evaluates the performance of its business partners and stakeholders to ensure their compliance.


6.1 Transparent and open communication

MIP Electronics' internal communication and communication with stakeholders and authorities is open, transparent and based on facts. However, in some situations, for example, competition considerations or the protection of confidential information may limit openness and transparency.

6.2 Confidential information, data security and data protection

MIP Electronics carefully protects and handles confidential materials and information. MIP Electronics also carefully protects and handles confidential information received from its suppliers and stakeholders. Employees may not disclose or use confidential information (such as trade secrets or confidential personal information) for their own benefit or for the benefit of anyone other than MIP Electronics. MIP Electronics has implemented security and privacy guidelines to which it is committed. MIP Electronics takes security and data protection seriously and takes steps to prevent them from being compromised.

6.3 Financial information

MIP Electronics' financial statements and communications are based on accurate information and have been prepared in accordance with established practices and legislation. MIP Electronics provides stakeholders with truthful, complete, up-to-date and accurate information about its business and operations.


If MIP Electronics employees have any questions regarding the interpretation of or compliance with this Code of Conduct, they should contact their supervisor. Additional instructions on compliance with the Code of Conduct may be provided in separate guidelines. Violation of this Code of Ethics by an MIP Electronics employee may result in termination of employment or other appropriate sanction. The violation may be reported to the appropriate authorities if MIP Electronics suspects that the employee's actions also violate applicable law. MIP Electronics believes that the Company and all of its employees have an obligation to suspend or prevent activities that may harm MIP Electronics 'customers or MIP Electronics' brands. Employees are therefore expected to report such actions.

Downloadable version of Code of Conduct here

Board of MIP Electronics Oy has approved this code of conduct 14th January 2017. Our management will review these instructions regularly and modify when necessary. 

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