MIP Opacity monitors LM 3086 EPA and LM 3086 SE have been certified to comply with

MCERTS Performance Standards for CEMS, Version 3.5 dated June 2016, EN15267-3:2007, & QAL 1

as defined in EN 14181:2014. You can view the Certificate here

 h44a1337 web

Opacity monitors manufactured by MIP Electronics Oy have been delivered to all continents during last

30+ years. Our products have always been recognized for reliability and high quality.

Even more; certificate is retrospective: any LM 3086 EPA/SE manufactured after June 2004 is

covered by MCERTS in addition to TUV certification. This is big benefit for our existing customers.


Mr. Jouni Lukkari, Managing Director:

‘Increasing number of customers require MCERTS/TUV-certificate. Now we have official certificate to

prove already existing consistent manufacturing-process as well as high quality end-product

functionality. Together with ISO9001:2015 (granted to MIP Electronics in March 2018) we can offer

competitive and field-proven opacity monitors to all customers’