Based on your special requirements we have standardized some of these customizations to make ordering even easier. We still offer customized products and accessories, contact us if you have questions; we would be happy to see what we can do for your project.

 Some of most requested, now standardized customizations, are listed below:

raincove crop

Integrated sun and rain cover

In many cases an adapter is needed between our flange and the existing one in the stack. We have developed an adapter flange further by integrating a sun and rain cover with it. This is available for the LM 3189 transmitter and receiver units. DN50 (only for transmitter), DN65 and ANSI4” are supported. Material options are: stainless steel and anodized aluminum for the flange, and stainless steel for the cover.



Targeted purge air flow for lens maintenance

We already use purge air to keep the lens clean through creating a buffer between the lens and the stack gases.For the situations where enhanced cleaning is needed, we have developed a special flange that guides the air purge to the lens. This construction is easy to disassemble and clean when necessary. It is made of anodized aluminum. This product is available for the LM 3189 receiver.

apila ilmastointi crop


100mm lens crop

LM 3189 receiver with 100mm lens

For longer measuring paths we have developed a receiver with a 100mm lens. The possible measuring path is dependent on stability of the transmitter, however, the realistic measuring path for the standard receiver is up to 5 m. With the 100mm lens it’s possible to have longer measuring paths. In a more unstable installation site, it minimizes outage time improving the monitor’s availability. Standard flange is ANSI4”.

LM 3186 – for an extended measuring range

LM 3186 monitor measures high concentrations of dust or any other process particles. It has a higher laser power, protection glass for the laser and the simplest possible receiver to eliminate self-noise. All of these result in an extended measurement range up to 5D (optical density). LM 3189 is available up to 3DThe LM 3186 is based on the LM 3189 so the above mentioned options are compatible as well. The recommended operating environment for this monitor is more than 0,5D (equals an opacity of 70%).

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