MIP Electronics Oy was initially granted a quality certificate based on the ISO9001: 2015 standard in 2018. Work is constantly being done to maintain the quality. Thanks to that, the certificate has been renewed again for next three years. The quality certificate ensures the technical and functional quality to our customers, says Irja Perkins, Business Development Manager at MIP.

A lot of work was done to achieve the quality certificate. The work included re-organizing all the company's operations. For example, employee job descriptions and work-related processes are re-defined and documented. Systems were changed to get the best guidance for day-to-day operations. In this way, the required quality is realized in the everyday work of every employee.

- During the development project, all process steps were streamlined and optimized. The project took two years and was implemented in several parts to ensure manageability, Irja explains. The hard work was worth all effort. The current model directs to high-quality operations and quality is integrated into everyday work.

One of the main goals of the quality system is to improve customer satisfaction.

- Process optimization directly affects the customer and customer service. When our internal processes are described and operations are as efficient as possible, the customer can be confident that needed actions will be taken care of. For example, we are typically able to respond to customer inquiries within the same working day, Irja explains.

Thanks to the quality system, the number of complaints about products and services is small.Test vaaka pysty

- We have very few complaints and it proves that the process works in practice. The customer may not notice an improvement in quality other than that there are no problems. The customers get what they have ordered.

In most cases, MIP notices non-conformances themselves and they are corrected before the products are shipped to the customer.

- We have a defined review process that reduces non-conformances. Sometimes we get faulty material, but that is noticed in the receipt check. Likewise, every product we deliver is final tested. In this way, defective or incomplete products do not end up to the customer, Irja says with satisfaction.

- Technical quality is better, but our functional quality is also better. The customer gets the right things at the right time, she sums up.

It is not enough to get a quality certificate once. Quality operations must also be maintained and reviewed on an ongoing basis.

- The certificate is not permanent - it expires. Every three years, an external auditor reviews our operations and assesses whether our operations continue to meet the requirements of the quality standard. We need to monitor and improve our operations all the time. Continuous development is the most important cornerstone of quality work.

- Thanks to hard work, we now have a good basis for maintaining quality in our daily work. This is an extremely important value for us, and we work every day to ensure that our customers continue to have high quality products and service, says Irja.

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