LM 3086 SER Dust and Opacity monitor



  • Reliable, robust laser technology
  • Easy installation
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Unique simulated Zero and Span Calibration system
  • Continuous control of the optical surfaces
  • TÜV Approval acc. to 13. BlmSchV and TA Luft
  • MCERTS Performance Standard version 4, dated July 2018: EN15267 and QAL1
  • Approval against Russian GOST standard


  • Dirt in optics is eliminated from the measurement values, providing real long-term accuracy and stability
  • Automatic calibration and zero check 40 times per second


  • Measuring path up to 20 meters without changing a single component in the system
  • Excellent beam collimation (narrow and intense laser light beam)
  • Standard wavelength together with optical reference path guarantees long term accuracy and stability


  • Start-up diagnostic for basic system health check
  • Continuous diagnostics in background for alerting exceptions  or out of specification situation
  • Multiple display alternatives for optical and mass readings
  • Easy to integrate with CEMS systems
  • Onsite auditing without dismounting in installation location
Opacity %  Range 0 ... 100.0 %
Opacity %  Resolution 0.1 %
Optical density Range 0 ... 3.0
Optical density Resolution 0.001 D
Mass / g/m3 Range 0 ... 100
Mass / g/m3 Resolution 1 mg/m3
PS-1/Test time 1 hour Calibration drift < 0.2 %
PS-1/Test time 24 hours Calibration drift < 0.2 %
PS-1/Test time 336 hours Calibration drift < 0.2 %
PS-1/Test time 1 hour Zero drift < 0.2 %
PS-1/Test time 24 hours Zero drift < 0.2 %
PS-1/Test time 336 hours Zero drift < 0.2 %
Stack overpressure, max 25 mbar
Stack temperature, max + 650 °C
Path length  1 ... 20 meters

Standard delivery includes:

  • Transmitter unit with semiconductor laser light source and stainless steel enclosure
  • Receiver unit with 100 mm lens
  • Monitor unit, 19“ rack size
  • 10 m optical fiber between the stack units (transmitter and receiver) for max. 4 m flange to flange distance. (Cables with alternative length are available upon request with additional cost)
  • Standard voltage 230V/50Hz (115V/60Hz available as option)
  • English manual

Standard delivery doesn’t include blowers1, data transition cable to monitor2, electricity cables3 and audit filters4.

  • 1MIP made blowers can be purchased separately as option
  • 2Locally available Twin Pair Twisted Shielded cable can be used
  • 3Electricity cable according local regulation can be used
  • 4MIP made audit filters can be purchased separately as option

HS code: 9027109000  -- Origin: FI EAR99

Shipping dimensions:

1 carton 20 kg – 50x50x27 cm & 1 carton 24 kg - 56x46x46 cm & 1 carton 6 kg - 60x40x30 cm

Estimated lead time: 8-10 weeks from order

Product number: LM3086SER

Do you need more information?

+358 50 571 2344 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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