LM 3189_B Dust and Opacity monitor



  • Higher level protection for laser against humidity and dust
  • Improved purge air distribution for lens
  • Reliable, robust laser technology
  • Stable measuring
  • Large operational range
  • Suitable also for positive pressure stacks


  • Measuring path up to 20 meters without changing a single component in the system
  • Excellent beam collimation (narrow and intense laser light beam)
  • Standard wavelength guarantees long-term accuracy and stability
  • Laser protected with window (extends non-stop operation time)
  • Up to 0,5 bar purge air pressurization can be used (in positive pressure stacks)


  • Easy alignment
  • Minimum optics (less maintenance)
  • No moving parts (minimal maintenance)
  • Multi point purge air distribution (extends non-stop operation time)


  • Can be transferred to another location without factory calibration
  • Large operation range (0 ... 90 %) • 0 ... 1 V DC and 4 ... 20 mA current outputs
  • 4 operator selectable measuring ranges • Analogue and digital display
  • Settable alarm relay limit
  • Measures opacity, but displays and signal outputs are optical density
  • Digital display is scaled to mg/m3
Range switch position D-value  Opacity %  Mass scale in mg/m3 on 1 m distance Mass scale in mg/m3 on 2,5 m distance Mass scale in mg/m3 on 5 m distance
1 0...0.03  0...6.7  0...24  0...9,6  0...4,8
2 0...0.1  0...20  0...80  0...32  0...16
3 0...0.3  0...50  0...240  0...96  0...48
4 0...1.0  0...90  0...800  0...320  0...160
Option:  0...3.0  0...99  0...2400  0...960  0...480

Mass scale values are evaluated using the following parameters: particle size of avg. 1 μm and particle density 1 kg/dm3

Standard delivery includes:

  • Transmitter unit L3189_B1 with laser head protection glass assembly
  • Receiver unit R3189_B1 with 50 mm lens and 9 point purge air distributor
  • G1/2” x Ø19 purge air connectors
  • 10 m cable JL 3189
  • Monitor unit M3189 with 230V/50 Hz VAC input
  • 10 m cable JR 3189
  • English manual

Standard delivery doesn’t include blower1, electricity cables2 and audit filters3.

  • 1MIP made blowers can be purchased separately as option
  • 2Electricity cable according local regulation can be used
  • 3MIP made audit filters can be purchased separately as option


For longer measuring paths we offer the receiver with a 100 mm lens. The possible measuring path is dependent on stability of the transmitter. However, the realistic measuring path for the standard receiver is up to 5 m. With this option it’s possible to have longer measuring paths. This option is also useful in places where high level vibration presents or on in other way unstable installation site. This receiver can be used to minimize outage time by improving the monitor’s availability. Standard flange is ANSI 4”. This option includes targeted purge air flow to keep lens clean.
 100mm lens crop


In some installations an adapter is needed between dust monitor’s flange and the existing one in the stack. We offer more developed adapter flange which has integrated sun and rain cover. DN50 (only for transmitter), DN65 and ANSI4” are supported. Material options are: stainless steel and anodized aluminum for the flange, stainless steel for the cover.
raincove crop 
Product number: LM3189_B

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